Connecting with the Grandkids on Facebook

Connecting with the Grandkids on Facebook

Have grandkids that live on the other side of the country? Perhaps they’re in an entirely different country. It can be difficult missing out on what is going on with your grandchildren. That’s where the beauty of the internet shines. With the multitude of chat programs, including video conferencing, grandparents can be virtually face to face with their little loved ones anytime.

But what about when you’re in time zones that conflict completely? Perhaps you’re just getting out of bed when the grandkids are slipping off to sleep, snuggling into their warm blankets. It is possible to co-ordinate calls, but this isn’t always on the time table you’d like.

This is when Facebook swoops in to save the day. Thanks to the interactive nature of Facebook you can see what your grandchildren are doing in life without worrying about the hour. Pictures, stories, messages, it’s all combined for Facebook users. The services allows people to chat, upload videos, create albums, tag people you want to see specific content, and keep tabs on the entire family!

Another great feature is the share function. Proud grandparents can share pictures or important updates with their own friends. Grandchild graduate or maybe just arrived home from the delivery room? Let the world know and share pictures or status updates from their Facebook if their privacy settings allow sharing.

Entire families can keep in touch with Facebook, no matter how far apart the individuals are. The quality of Facebook pictures will depend on the device used to record them, but generally the pictures can be downloaded and printed. This function is great for grandparents that want to print and frame pictures of precious moments they want to keep forever. Last, but not least, contact is instant – no waiting days or weeks for mail to arrive. Private messages are instant, picture transfers are instant, and it’s totally free.

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