Personalized Care Plans

It is extremely important that everyone that steps through the doors to our center has a personalized care plan that fits their needs. We will work together with your doctors, home attendants, family and friends to compose the most efficient care plan possible. With a custom care plan our clients have the highest level of care that they can receive. Our center’s director explains that by choosing the right plan for our clients, they are able to enjoy everything we have to offer.

Personalized care plans include:

  • Detailed Daily Schedules
  • Doctor’s Visits
  • Transportation Evaluation
  • Custom Dietary Solutions
  • Scheduled Medicine Intake
  • And much more…

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We at Sunflower Adult Day Care Center believe in well rounded health. Our board certified podiatrists are here to help our members achieve a higher quality of life. Improper footwear can cause serious injuries, and persistent pain to all parts of your body. Our certified professional podiatrists educate our members on the proper footwear based on individual factors. We also have days when you can get a custom fitting and place an order for your very own custom footwear. In most cases it is even free, or partially covered by your health insurance plans! Take the time today to find out how our podiatry services can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

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Physical Therapy

As you get older, you may have had your share of injuries that have taken a toll on your body. Therefore we have a team of physical therapists that provide members with expert advice and care based on the latest methods of treatment. We believe in a higher quality of life, and our physical therapists will help you reach that goal. From physical activities designed to promote mobility, to the latest treatment options you can count on our Sunflower Adult Day Care Center team to help your loved one.


A licensed beautician ensures that our members are well taken care of. Services include; manicures, pedicures, Haircuts, and Hair Do’s. Members are able to enjoy all of these services free of charge.

Health Insurance Assistance





We work together with the most prominent health insurance companies to provide you with the best health care plan that you can possibly have. Our Social Worker and Center Administrator will work together with you to make sure you get the most out of your insurance company or HMO.

If you do not have insurance please call our health care center in New Jersey at (201) 243 – 0555 to speak about private payment plans!

Social Services

Our licensed clinical social workers, are also your social workers. They ensure that members are both physically and cognitively engaged. Counseling services are offered to all members, and are strictly confidential. We believe in providing a socially stimulating environment, and structure our program around your needs.


We believe a healthy diet equals a healthy mind. Our nutritionist is available to asses special dietary needs of each member. We can accommodate any diet with healthy, nutritional, and beneficial meals.


A team of dedicated Registered Nurses, and LPN’s accommodate our members special medical needs. They coordinate with your loved ones health professionals to establish real care plans.

Door To Door Transportation

We offer various transportation solutions to meet the needs of even the busiest client.

Our highly experienced transportation team can take you to:

  • To and From the Care Center
  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Shopping Centers
  • Day Trips